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About me

אורי ליאל פסיכולוג קליני



I'm Ori, a certified Clinical Psychologist (view the record in the register of psychologists). 

In recent years I have gained experience in treating a wide range of populations, ages and mental difficulties. I had the opportunity to work with people who have experienced life crises, relationship struggles, parenting challenges, loneliness, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.

Accompanying a person on his journey of growth and self-discovery is a right to which I refer with reverence. The encounter with another mind inspires and humbles me each time anew. I really like my job! 

I make sure to constantly be in the process of learning, in order to rely on as much theoretical knowledge as possible. At the same time, again and again I discover that the best teacher is the patient. The principles that guide me in the therapy room above any others are non judgmental acceptance and the strive for an authentic, meaningful encounter. 

Seeking treatment often involves hesitation. If you are considering starting psychotherapy, a short description I wrote on the subject might help in making the decision. 

For any question, inquiry or consultation, I invite you to contact me by phone: 050-7569778

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